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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Top BlackBerry Apps that you can try on Easter

Happy Easter to all of you 

Today i will tell you some blackberry apps that you can try on Easter.

BlackBerry smart phones are not only used for communication purpose or for calling or messaging, instead they are now widely used for emailing, browsing and social media networking by using latest BlackBerry web development Apps.

One of the most exciting BlackBerry Apps is Google Talk. Google Talk allows you to voice and video chat by using your instant messaging contacts. You can chat within Gmail, Orkut and iGoogle by using this Application.

Google Maps for BlackBerry App is yet another exciting App in the world of BlackBerry. If you are always on the go, this is a must App for you. You can use GPS navigation tools, turn on live traffic and on or Off Google Buzz Layers. This App helps you to get the directions easily from where ever you are.

Another best app is Face book for BlackBerry. You can view your wall post, send instant messages, and check your notifications or friend requests.

XPRSS for BlackBerry Apps is an excellent free RSS feed reader for your BlackBerry Phone. By using this App you can view recent news feeds or add your news feeds to different channels as well.

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