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Friday, 22 March 2013

How does Apple’s iCloud affect Business?

Apple’s iCloud service keeps record of your files, music and other information within a cloud. The data in this cloud will be easily accessed from anywhere and from any device whether mobile, laptop or desktop.

iCloud is not a new concept instead it is being used by many businesses already. iCloud is as easy to use as other products by Apple . It can also be used to create safe backup of your data. iCloud is most commonly used on Mac computers and iPhones. The major drawback of using iCloud is that multiple users cannot be logged into one account that makes it impossible to share and work on files together. Another drawback is if you have stored important data, you must make a contract in which you will have the permission to access it whenever you want. Still, many website design companies are switching to iCloud to expand their business clientele.

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