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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Windows 8 Amazing features

Windows 8 Amazing features

The relaease of Windows 8 by the Tech Giant has revealed some of the most exciting features mentioned below:

Amazing design by Microsoft

Support for Tablets:

The windows 8 is supported on the arm tablets that serves to enhance its appeal and vigor.

Exciting touch based user experience:

The windows 8 offers exciting user experience and the touch based user interface making it highly desirable.

Multitasking feature:

Now a user can easily run two applications at the same time through the multitasking feature. This makes it highly dynamic to use and the application development companies are finding it highly attractive.

Latest control panel:

The control panel of windows 8 has been redesigned with new additions that helps the users in a perfect manner.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Significance of a website home page

Significance of a website home page

A website represents a company's image and worth in a very explicit manner.Nowadays people gauge the idea of the company through its website keeping in view the design and content quality.
Website design captures the attention of a visitor and that is the reason why companies give sufficient attention to the design of the website. with a powerful home page design

The home page of any website is considered as a key factor towards sales generation. The major reasons a visitor prefers to stay at website are mentioned below:

  1. Engaging content that figures out the difference between the services and the value it can generate for the customers as compared to the competitors.
  2. Gives clear answers right away for the problems or queries a customer might have in his mind.
  3. Directs the customer towards further pages of the website for the clarification of question he has in his mind.