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Monday, 30 December 2013

A few nice tips for website design in 2017

Recently we came across with a concept that content is everything in a website/blog but i strongly deny to its stand alone importance in  a website, i would say a design matters as much as a good quality content. Its the design of your blog/website which captures the very first attention of your audience.
Here are a few tips to improve your app's design 2014-17

Simplicity: Well simplicity will never loose its charm, a design with simple graphics always soft for eyes.

Quality: A good quality website is the combination of high speed loading time in any of the browsers, easy navigation and user interface.

Content: Content at your landing page should describe the core motive of your website. It should be simple so that the user comprehend the core business of your website in first glance.

 Social Media: These days social media has its great importance in bring you popularity and also to some extant business as well. So add social plugins smartly in your website. Most likely some quality lovers will share some interesting and useful stuff from the website.

Do not avoid: If you have a eCommerce website make sure credit cards should have configured properly so that costumer's transactions should be secure, for authentication add privacy, terms and conditions pages in a clear way.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Design Tools and Techniques

Today is an emerging design practice that involves different non-designers in various co-design activities throughout the design process. By non-designers we refer to potential users, other external stakeholders and/or people on the development team who are from disciplines other than design such as those in marketing, engineering, sales, etc
More recently and with inspiration from neighboring traditions mainly within interaction design of providing potential future users with inspirational probing kits that may produce inspirational material for the professional designer.

Website Designer

Design for Reliability:

All reliability professionals are familiar with the terms Weibull Analysis and/or Life Data Analysis. In fact, for many, these analysis techniques have become almost synonymous with reliability and achieving high reliability. The reality, though, is that although life data analysis is an important piece of the pie, performing just this type of analysis is not enough to achieve reliable products. Rather, there are a variety of activities involved in an effective reliability program and in arriving at reliable products. Achieving the organization’s reliability goals requires strategic vision, proper planning, sufficient organizational resource allocation and the integration and institutionalization of reliability practices into development projects. Design for Reliability, however, is more specific than these general ideas. It is actually a process. Specifically, DFR describes the entire set of tools that support product and process design (typically from early in the concept stage all the way through to product obsolescence) to ensure that customer expectations for reliability are fully met throughout the life of the product with low overall life-cycle costs.

Why is Design for Reliability important:

Why should a company commit resources for deploying a DFR process? The answer to this question is quite simple... warranty costs and customer satisfaction. Field failures are very costly. One case in point is the recently publicized Xbox issue, which has cost Microsoft more than a billion dollars in warranties (aside from loss of business and market share). Clearly, in order to be profitable, an organization’s products must be reliable, and reliable products require a formal reliability process. Three important statements summarize the best practice reliability philosophy of successful companies:

1) Reliability must be designed into products and processes using the best available science-based methods.
2) Knowing how to calculate reliability is important, but knowing how to achieve reliability is equally, if not more, important.
3) Reliability practices must begin early in the design process and must be well integrated into the overall product development cycle.

Distinction between Reliability and Quality:

First, let us start with some basic clarifications. Traditional quality control assures that the product will work after assembly and as designed. Whereas reliability provides the probability that an item will perform its intended function for a designated period of time without failure under specified conditions. In other words, reliability looks at how long the product will work as designed, which is a very different objective than that of traditional quality control. Therefore, different tools and models apply to reliability that do not necessarily apply to quality and vice versa.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Web design and development tools

When working on designing and developing the website, you may need specific tools and resources. The necessary tools that can be used for designing and developing the websites are wide in the modern world of web technology. All these efficient tools will give you the chance to upgrade your website to fully customize one at reasonable cost. With the help of right tools any website can attain any heights.  Freeware and open sources are offering free web design and development tools which help to make a quite efficient website both in usability and functionality.

In common a website can be classified into several categories from client end coding, use of database technology  and server end coding  to intricacies of designing and developing aweb page. There are a lot of free development tools available in the online market specially designed for the web developers for the ease of their work. The functions of these tools are depending on diversified needs of developers. Some of the popular tools are CSS, Dreamweaver, HTML, and JavaScript are the browser extensions to create accessibility of your website.

Websitedesign and development tools actually refer to the activities and process that are linked with the devolvement of different sites for individuals or business.  There are plenty of tools that can give you great success related to the developing the website such as utilization of database technology, server side coding, server coding, and combination of both. These tools are available either for online use or offline for installation of operating systems providing you enough options. These tools facilitate you to design a website without writing a single code and spending too much time.  Following are the most popular tools:
·         Photoshop: it is also known as Adobe Photoshop. It is a powerful tool which enables designers to create web page layouts and flawless editing of images. 

·         Dreamweaver:  Dreamweaver is a popular software development platform to be used as a versatile application. It enables the user to create, edit, maintain, and integrate various aspects of web design and development through CSS, HTML, PHP, or even JAVA. 
·         Illustrator: it is another popular tool that enables website developers to create and edit graphics and images quite smoothly.

·         Joomla: it is the most popular and convenient option due to simplicity and versatility. It is an open source software tool which is widely used to develop a website with complex features. It is the necessary tool which allows Developers to manage all the images, videos, and texts easily due to amazing features and user-friendliness.

·         Flash: flash allows the designer and developer to use changeable animation for building website.
·         Image optimizer: this tool helps designer and developers to compress, resize, or even optimize an image which helps them to convert one image type to another.  

·         Media cleaner: it helps to stream video in very little time for getting the highest possible quality.
At the end, the internet business and affiliate marketing is booming and providing opportunity for designer and developer.  The process of building website has undergone a variety of advancement. The web design and development tools can be used to create more efficient and user-friendly websites.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Website designer-roles and responsibilities

The website is an important platform or online media through which any business can enhance its market, represents itself to promote its services or products. It is the main source of information where any visitor can get detailed and up-to-date information regarding one’s desire subject. Web sites have also worked as an office or shop to make online transactions.  Designing a website is a challenging and complicated art. Thus, hiring a website design service is a wise idea.

As a website is an important online platform to represent business entity, effective marketing, promote sales and so on. A good website helps in generating traffic to achieve target objectives and promote sales.  A right designer understands the importance of website and offers his expertise and skills in designing a website. He has perfect knowledge and qualification in computer programming along with other fields of technical expertise.

The internet has become the fastest growing medium not only for entertainment but also for job opportunities and business growth. Due to this importance website design serviceprovider thing out the box to create a website which effectively promotes one’s business over internet. His thinking for smart tactics and putting efforts in website designing can make easy to catch the attention of customers. A professional website designer knows that well designed website, SEO (search engine optimization) and good web hosting are effective marketing strategy tools to accomplish business success.

Website designing involves developing a virtual domain at www (World Wide Web). A professional website designer utilizes different lines of codes and certain languages to complete various tasks such as, change the font of text, add images, and apply different colors to the web page’s background. His aim behind this is to design compelling, beautiful and professional website. All website designers understand the importance of rules and regulations set and accepted by search engines like Bing and Google.

Designers provide all eCommercesolutions such as, shopping cart setup, storefront design, and backend development. He can provide e-commerce opportunities which helps to set up online processing and merchant account. Through eCommerce solutions, he can create connections between you and your user. These web systems incorporate server, browser, and database technologies essential for the electronic business environment.  

Moreover, website designers can be employed by an organization or work flexibly as a freelancer.  Due to the widespread popularity of freelancers and outsourcing, website designer services has increased tremendously over the previous few months. The idea behind freelancer working is that you are your own boss, work at home without any commitments. Designers are hired on a commission based or monthly salary depends on the ability how many projects a designer can tackle in a month.

 Over all websites designing is a challenging and complicated work which needs Professional website designer services.  Keep in mind that basic knowledge in not enough so select a right website designer who has an excellent record of accomplishment. A professional designer has expertise in HTML code, Search Engine Optimization, interactive content, browser compatibility, load time, etc.  the professional designer will be able to communicate considerable knowledge. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The role of website design

The website design greatly influences the customers in many ways. The visitors notice various factors including content, layout and usability of the website. A visitor who visits the website for the first time keeps on exploring the web design and tries to absorb everything. They make a decision in the first few minutes about staying or leaving the website.

Professional website designers are fully aware of the importance of a proper website design. They take into consideration the conscious and subconscious reactions of the customers while making the website design and testing it. The website designers ensure that the visitor keeps on exploring the features of the website and stays engaged. The logo designs, colour combinations, content placement all play a very important role in making the web design successful.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The qualities of best website designer

There are various qualities that make a website designer must possess in order to engage the customers and get the best outcomes

  • Creativity has a major role in the design of a website and every successful web/ graphic designer knows the art of applying creative ideas.

  • A good website designer is familiar with the key principles of Search Engine Optimization. The knowledge of SEO is vital for designing and promoting a website in the best way.

  • The best website designer knows how to train the customer to use a particular content management system in a proper way so that the customer does not get any problem in updating the website.

  • A good website designer has the urge to learn about the latest design trends apply them in the most effect manner. For example, every web designer should know the basics of mobile website design and its applications.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

3 simple steps for website development

Creating a corporate website has become a necessity for small, medium and large enterprises. Companies need to focus on website development with keen attention on quality. A quality website can serve as a great source of revenues for all types of businesses whether small or large.

Three major steps of website design and development:
Domain name registration: The first major step is to choose a domain name and get it registered. The domain name is your website address and it represents your business on the internet. The choice of domain name must be done carefully for attracting visitors. It should be short and simple.

Choose a webs hosting provider:  The next significant step is to choose you web hosting services provider. It is the company that hosts your website on the internet and help millions of visitors access your website. The choice of a host must be based on various factors including bandwidth, uptime guarantee, disk space, customer support, quantity of email accounts, reliability, cost etc.

Hire a website development company: After that you must acquire the services of an experienced IT company that offers best website design and development services. They can offer exciting web design layouts and can develop it up to your satisfaction using various technologies like php, word press, drupal etc.