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Thursday, 25 July 2013

The role of website design

The website design greatly influences the customers in many ways. The visitors notice various factors including content, layout and usability of the website. A visitor who visits the website for the first time keeps on exploring the web design and tries to absorb everything. They make a decision in the first few minutes about staying or leaving the website.

Professional website designers are fully aware of the importance of a proper website design. They take into consideration the conscious and subconscious reactions of the customers while making the website design and testing it. The website designers ensure that the visitor keeps on exploring the features of the website and stays engaged. The logo designs, colour combinations, content placement all play a very important role in making the web design successful.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The qualities of best website designer

There are various qualities that make a website designer must possess in order to engage the customers and get the best outcomes

  • Creativity has a major role in the design of a website and every successful web/ graphic designer knows the art of applying creative ideas.

  • A good website designer is familiar with the key principles of Search Engine Optimization. The knowledge of SEO is vital for designing and promoting a website in the best way.

  • The best website designer knows how to train the customer to use a particular content management system in a proper way so that the customer does not get any problem in updating the website.

  • A good website designer has the urge to learn about the latest design trends apply them in the most effect manner. For example, every web designer should know the basics of mobile website design and its applications.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

3 simple steps for website development

Creating a corporate website has become a necessity for small, medium and large enterprises. Companies need to focus on website development with keen attention on quality. A quality website can serve as a great source of revenues for all types of businesses whether small or large.

Three major steps of website design and development:
Domain name registration: The first major step is to choose a domain name and get it registered. The domain name is your website address and it represents your business on the internet. The choice of domain name must be done carefully for attracting visitors. It should be short and simple.

Choose a webs hosting provider:  The next significant step is to choose you web hosting services provider. It is the company that hosts your website on the internet and help millions of visitors access your website. The choice of a host must be based on various factors including bandwidth, uptime guarantee, disk space, customer support, quantity of email accounts, reliability, cost etc.

Hire a website development company: After that you must acquire the services of an experienced IT company that offers best website design and development services. They can offer exciting web design layouts and can develop it up to your satisfaction using various technologies like php, word press, drupal etc.