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Monday, 30 December 2013

A few nice tips for website design in 2017

Recently we came across with a concept that content is everything in a website/blog but i strongly deny to its stand alone importance in  a website, i would say a design matters as much as a good quality content. Its the design of your blog/website which captures the very first attention of your audience.
Here are a few tips to improve your app's design 2014-17

Simplicity: Well simplicity will never loose its charm, a design with simple graphics always soft for eyes.

Quality: A good quality website is the combination of high speed loading time in any of the browsers, easy navigation and user interface.

Content: Content at your landing page should describe the core motive of your website. It should be simple so that the user comprehend the core business of your website in first glance.

 Social Media: These days social media has its great importance in bring you popularity and also to some extant business as well. So add social plugins smartly in your website. Most likely some quality lovers will share some interesting and useful stuff from the website.

Do not avoid: If you have a eCommerce website make sure credit cards should have configured properly so that costumer's transactions should be secure, for authentication add privacy, terms and conditions pages in a clear way.