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Thursday, 7 March 2013

How to Use SVG Tools for Web Designers

Web designers need a lot of tools while designing the website. They never compromise on design and quality and want to create user friendly graphic applications. SVG (scalable vector graphic) is also used to support all other browsers:

·        Lyrics Videos:
By using SVG you can create audio tags and fonts. You can also tag this video with a music track.

·        HTML Video and SVG:
HTML and SVG can be used in a combination to play the video in a block shape.

·        Raphael Mapping:
SVG maps are not easy to create. They require plotting and other graphics and can be customized according to your needs

·        SVG Data Sets:
SVG has made it possible for users to handle large clusters of data easily. You can choose, select and browse that particular data you need.

·        User Interface:
SVG creates attractive user interface. Web designers from reputable webdesign companies create high quality designs to attract users

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