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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Graphic Website Designing Tools

There are many tools a website designer may need while designing a website. The most commonly used tool by graphic designers (SVG) support different browsers while ensuring graphic applications. SVG is the ideal platform with reference to user interface, applications and animations. SVG carries examples for modern browser, some of them are:

·        Animation Coordination:
Flash is the priority of many web designers and developers as it enhances user experience and it is user friendly as well. Audio and video graphics animation can be easily created by using SVG or Java script.

·        SVG Graphics with 3 Dimensions:
SVG graphics are used in online gaming system. It is the combination of SVG vectors and JavaScript.

·        SVG Jigsaw:
SVG Jigsaw needs images and coding and it creates the best puzzles and games ever.

·        Animated SVG Landmarks:
SVG is useful in creating landmarks. It also makes coding easier without any help of professional website design companies.

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