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Monday, 18 March 2013

Secure Your Phone from Cyber Attacks

Smart phones are vulnerable to more virus attacks than any other phones. Therefore it’s very important to use precautionary measures to save your phone from cyber-attacks. Some of the safety measures that you should take are:

·        Browsing Websites Carefully:
While browsing from your smart phone, make sure that the websites you are browsing are secure.

·        Download Apps only from Trusted Sites:
Always download apps from a trusted site or by a trusted application developer like for android phones; Google Play is the best option. Amazon and iTunes are other good options.

·        Install any Good Anti-Virus Software:
Installing good antivirus software like AVG or Norton is very important. It helps to remove any viruses that reside in your phone.

·        Block lost or Stolen Smart Phone:
If your phone gets lost or is stolen, then report immediately to your service provider and ask him to disconnect your service.

·        Clear Your SD card before selling your phone:
Before selling your phone, make sure to remove all of your personal data from the SD card. Delete all the passwords and personal information.

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