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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Pinterest Addiction

In your free time, there is nothing better than surfing pinterest. It actually causes addiction. It seems you are lost in the sea of lovely images and the eagerness to explore more continues. Using pinterest you are really bound to appreciate the powerful idea behind pinterest. Its responsive webdesign and amazing features make you a loyal visitor of the website particularly if you are a female.

How pinterest works?


Every image or video ie uploaded at pinterest is termed as a pin. A user can upload the pin from the computer or from any website using the pinterest sharing icon.


Every pin that is uploaded on pinterest is saved in a board. A user has to choose a category of boards for making proper distinction.Any one can view your boards, however there is a secret board option introduced by pinterest that protects the privacy of the boards. This really adds values to the choices of uses. 

Repin option:

A repin option is like a retweet that can be used to place any pin in one of your own boards. Thus you can add your favorite pins to your boards and enjoy them in future.


The follow concept is similar to that of twitter. From the time you follow any user or any particular board, you will be able to view the pins uploaded by them on your main pinterest wall. 

Once you have repined any pin or uploaded a new one, you can share it to other social media networks. This helps save a lot of your time.

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